How to generate an invoice for your customer?

How to generate an invoice for your customer in Nola Accounting
Written by Dmitri Schmidt
Updated 2 years ago

Step 1. Log in to Nola Accounting using your username and password.

Step 2. Click on the NEW INVOICE button in the menu.

Step 3. If you are invoicing a customer for the first time, create a new customer by clicking the + NEW button. If the customer has already been added, simply select it from the list.

Complete the customer card and click on the SAVE button.

Step 4. Once the client is selected, click on the NEXT button.

Step 5. The invoice content will be opened. You need to specify Invoice date, Due date, Invoice number (optional), select Currency.

Then select the item you need from the list.

In the Description field, describe the name of the good or service you are selling. 

Please, specify the quantity of the good/service, select the unit of measure, enter the price. If necessary, you can state the discount % given to the client.

Select the tax rate. For more details about the tax rate, you can contact the service's chief accountant.

Step 6. Click on the PREVIEW button to see how the invoice will look like.

If everything is OK, press the CREATE INVOICE button.

Step 7. The invoice has been successfully created and you can send it to the customer by email by clicking on SEND VIA EMAIL or save the pdf file by clicking on DOWNLOAD INVOICE and send it from your email.

Step 8. The generated invoice can be found under MY SALES.

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