How to add an accountant to the statistics?

How to add an accountant to report in eSTAT
Written by Dmitri Schmidt
Updated 1 year ago

Step 1. Open in your browser and click Go to eSTAT.

Step 2. Select ID-KAART authentication method and click on the Log in with your ID card button. 

NB! You can use any other authentication method if it is more convenient for you.

Step 3. Choose your e-Residence card certificate. By default, you will most likely have a single certificate.

Нажмите OK и введите PIN1.

Step 4. If you are still on the authentication method page, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5. After a successful login, click on the Enter the company environment button.

Step 6. Click on the Manage users button to the right in the menu 

Step 7. Click the Add new respondent button.

Step 8. Select your company from the list and click on the Select button.

Step 9. Enter the details of the accountant you would like to add to the application.

Respondent details section

Personal ID code - accountant's personal code

First name -  accountant's name

Surname -  accountant's surname

Job title - select from the list  raamatupidaja

Telephone - accountant's telephone number

E-mail - accountant's email

Determing respondent rights section

Select an access level - respondent.

Click on the Save button

If you have done everything correctly, the accountant will have access to filing statistics.

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